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The joy of sticky fingers

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Dealing with the winter months and bitter cold gray days are always a challenge for me. I crave the warm sun and light to shine upon my soul to keep me out of my pajamas and my spirit in check. Therefore, after the holidays I sign on to an inspiring e-course in photography, writing, or anything creative really, to keep this creative spirit dancing throughout the day.

Jessica over at In Search of Dessert has created an Inspirational Card Deck Swap. A fun project I have been enjoying getting my sticky fingers into.

A few of the finished cards are just so darn cute; I hate the thought of parting with them.

On another note I can’t wait to finish my deck and get them out in the mail so Jessica can distribute them to the other participants, and then in return I can just kick back in anticipation on the arrival of a new deck of 52 cards back. Fun, fun, and more fun.

Here are a few of mine I finished this past week.

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A little instant love

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Unseasonable warm day here in New Hampshire the temperature high reached 56 degrees sunny blue sky like an early spring day. The neighborhood country dirt roads are thick in wet mud from all the recent rain showers. Mud or no mud this trooper pulled up her winter boots and headed out the door taking full advantage of this gorgeous day. A photo-walk with my new love the Polaroid SX-70 camera loaded with the new Impossible Polaroid PX-70 color protection film.

I love how this new color protection formula burst out an incredible dreamy color, popping out more of the blue and green color tones.

Stay well my friend!

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2013 ::: focus

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A focused creative space my head does not hold. While images, thoughts, and ideas flow quickly through and snarl up, as if old family filmstrips jam the projector and the presentation stops.

The immediacy for photography and the written word are siphon out the crack of the door to a flock of darting birds in search of feed under the snow. This muscle of distraction overwhelms me.

Reflecting back on 2012 procrastinations and lack of focus trounced down on me severely leaving behind cold empty pages. The word that will manifest in my creative space both physically and mentally in 2013 ::: FOCUS.

Happy New Year stay well my friend.

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Bark feathers photography and words

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Sauntering in the wilderness along the bank of a rolling river in Vermont an autumnal photo safari, I happen on a birch tree shedding it’s stilted bark or possibly scraped by wildlife. Coiled down it’s trunk the outer layer scorched weathered texture and stained lime colored moss, while the inside skin peeled away alike delicate tissue paper. Enchanted and inspired I gathered an armful of the bark to bring home for an art project. I foresee a mixed medium collage of bark, feathers, photography and words, maybe to frame or cover of a journal.

I’ve never utilized bark in any art project before. Have you? If so I’d like to take a peek at your artwork or if you have any tips on working with bark I’d love to here them. Just leave a note with a link to your project in the comments.

Wishing you a fun creative week too. Stay well!

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