My favorite food in childhood was pasta. Pasta with marinara, pasta and butter, pasta sprinkled with Parmesan. Pasta pasta pasta, and more pasta, the shape or size did not matter Italian cuisine nourished this child’s taste buds.

My parents clearly expressed, “I hope you plan to marry an Italian guy,” and I did just that an Irish Italian man.

The favorite dish mother served was Galumpki, a cabbage leaf wrapped around a mix of salt pork, beef, and white rice, baked with a thin glaze of tomato sauce. It is a popular dish amongst Polish Americans. When there was Galumpki’s on the Sunday dinner table the accompanying side entree were Pierogies layered on a sea-green glass platter. The boiled semicircular dumplings stuffed with potato, cheese, and sometime sauerkraut with sprinkled fried onions a top.

These are my favorite meals today that comfort and remind me of family and childhood home, growing up in a household with five Polish half brothers and sisters.

What is your featured dish that brings you comfort from the good ole days of childhood?