I have been away on the central west coast of Florida for the past month nested away in a little trailer. Escaped 3ft of snow that fell in New Hampshire the day after I left, only to arrive in Florida to spend the first 2 weeks laid-up in bed with the nastiest flu I’ve ever had in my life–– pretty brutal I tell you. Grateful, I was back in good health to enjoy the last 2 weeks to hop on the bike and peddle my way down to the 20-acre lake.

On this visit the wildlife were scarce. Unlike back in October when it was common to see an alligator along the banks of the lake, social sandhill cranes roaming around the park, and hearing the high pitch song of egrets and herons throughout the night. Activity was quiet on this visit. Daily a sandhill crane nested on a green patch along the shore her guarding male close by. I had hoped to stay long enough to see the fledglings peek their head high.

A flock of woodstorks gathered across the lake when one poised with wings stretched out to the warm sun. To me that poise was like a warm hug welcoming me back to the lake I love.