Sauntering in the wilderness along the bank of a rolling river in Vermont an autumnal photo safari, I happen on a birch tree shedding it’s stilted bark or possibly scraped by wildlife. Coiled down it’s trunk the outer layer scorched weathered texture and stained lime colored moss, while the inside skin peeled away alike delicate tissue paper. Enchanted and inspired I gathered an armful of the bark to bring home for an art project. I foresee a mixed medium collage of bark, feathers, photography and words, maybe to frame or cover of a journal.

I’ve never utilized bark in any art project before. Have you? If so I’d like to take a peek at your artwork or if you have any tips on working with bark I’d love to here them. Just leave a note with a link to your project in the comments.

Wishing you a fun creative week too. Stay well!