Back in September I took a long weekend road trip to Vermont with my niece for a fall foliage photo safari and spent a few days with a cousin, this was our third get together since reconnecting on Facebook after 20+ years. On this visit we carried a huge surprise in the trunk of the car for her.

Evenings were spent in the dim light of citronella lanterns on the deck sipping wine as we reminisced of childhood days when she lived with our grandmother Nana. Nana was a serious stern husky women with thick legs from waitressing table to table at Whites Lunch a local downtown diner. Her pet german shepherd dog Bullet laid outside the restaurant door greeting daily customer’s until her shift was over, then together, side-by-side walked the main street back to their apartment .

We giggled the nights away as we had back then with reference to, “Remember when…?” “Do you remember the time?”

We spoke of how angry our Nana had become at the dinner table, when her elderly boyfriend George would kick us under the table and made goofy faces at the two of us and the giggling would ensue non-stop. Nana would become so angry with our disrespectful table manners her glasses would steam up. Especially, when her friend George half of her size set across the table commonly dressed in short sleeve white dress shirt, red bow tie, and a mischievous wide smile plastered across his gentle face. He would perform his own broadway show when he played his imaginary violin in the air and vocally belted out, “Some enchanted evening you could hear her hollering…” drowning out her angry voice in the background. George was a brave little man who clearly knew how to melt Nana’s heart and our young hearts as well. We all loved him as the Granddad we never knew.

Rediscovered on the porch at a relatives house recently was our Nana’s, ‘1895 Sphinx Head Model Singer Treadle Sewing Machine,’ which long ago set in her bedroom and now has been handed down to the older and wiser little girl that Nana taught to sew back then.

A blessed reconnection filled with immaterial treasures as well.

Listen to this old gal purr!

***Photography and video by Pam Applebee: the recipient of this treasure!