After hurricane Irene spun her way up the east coast leaving us without power for 37 hours and  several inches of  rain today I woke to a  glorious sun padded  83 degree temps. We faired well thank God.

All the rain has brought a splendor genera of organisms from butterflies to bees and crimson blushed mushrooms I’ve never seen before have sprouted in the yard . I wish to learn to be certain of the ediable and posioness.

Butterflies, bees and other flying insects were sweet in delight over the  purple white bloom of peppermint herb when a goldenrod crab spider with a paralyzing sting took life. ; (

Aghast by the  spider dressed in vibrant yellow I went back to the herb garden a second time noticing two grasshoppers enjoying a little afternoon delight, and could only smile.

When a life ends I guess another may begin.